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Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Realistically, air duct cleaning isn’t usually something that’s on most people’s to-do list. If you’re a homeowner or property owner, you may pay more attention to things including the overall performance of your heating and cooling system. Especially if you’re a business owner, your daily operations may, understandably, demand most of your attention.

You might even be asking yourself, “Is air duct cleaning necessary?” right about now. The short answer is a resounding, “yes”. This is especially the case of residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. In fact, there are many good reasons to consider residential air duct cleaning and commercial air duct cleaning a top priority.

As remediation and abatement specialists, we have seen countless cases where a home or company’s built environment was experiencing unknown safety risks due to infrequent duct cleaning. This is why we strive to enlighten the public about the importance of air duct cleaning, as well as countless other remediation services we offer.

So, let’s dive in…

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

So, what is air duct cleaning anyway? Air duct cleaning refers to the professional cleaning of the ducts that carry the heated or cooled air from your HVAC system. It’s a process that typically involves special equipment that allows for access to parts of the ducts that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach with regular vacuum attachments. Air ducts are essentially the circulatory system of your home, which is why air duct cleaning services are so important.

Why Is Home Air Duct Cleaning Important?

Heating and air conditioning duct cleaning in homes normally cleaning ducts when there are noticeable signs on reduced indoor air quality or issues with how an HVAC system is performing. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), daily living in a home environment can produce up to 40 pounds of dust each year!

Ducts that are dirty or clogged also make your system work harder, which could mean increased wear and tear on various parts and components. A typical HVAC system circulates air within a home about five to seven times per day. If that air is filled with dust particles, it could contribute to several problems. Without regular home air duct cleaning from an experienced air duct cleaning company like E.h.c., you may notice:
• Increased instances of respiratory ailments• Allergic reactions from indoor allergens and irritants
• Higher utility bills without any other explanation
• Increasingly frequent heating and cooling repairs and breakdowns
• Stains on walls, carpeting, and upholstery from dust and debris from ducts settling

Why Is Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Important?

Professional commercial air duct cleaning in a building has different procedures from what’s commonly needed with house duct cleaning. If you own a business that includes a manufacturing plant or warehouse, air duct maintenance is going to be necessary because of the increased accumulation of dust, dirt, and debris.

Even if commercial surfaces look clean after an end-of-the-day clean-up, dust particles can easily get sucked into heating and cooling vents and ducts. Ignoring heat and air conditioning duct cleaning in commercial environments may result in:

• Persistent smells in work areas or troublesome odors
• Old toxins from chemical processes lingering in ducts
• More employee sick days due to increased indoor air pollutants and allergens
• Issues with machinery operations from dust and debris being blown back into areas where equipment is used

How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

We recommend having air ducts professionally cleaned every 4 to 7 years. As far as how often to clean air ducts that are used in commercial facilities, the answer will depend on what type of operations are taking place. It only stands to reach that a manufacturing plant that produces a lot of dust and debris will benefit from advanced air duct cleaning more frequently than what would be recommended for a retail business, office complex, or shop.

How Often Should You Clean Air Ducts If You Have Allergies?

Trying to figure out how often to clean air ducts isn’t always as easy as going to standard recommendations. For instance, if you or other members of your family have allergies, the answer to “how often should you clean air ducts” is as soon as you notice an uptick in allergy symptoms. This is also true if you have household members with respiratory ailments or a high sensitivity to airborne pollutants.

Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary If You Only Have a Furnace?

Residential air duct cleaning isn’t just for homes in the Lancaster area that have a heating and cooling system that works year-round. Professional air duct cleaning can be just as beneficial if you normally use window air conditioners or ceiling fans during the summer and a furnace during the cooler months. Even when a furnace isn’t being used, dirt and debris can accumulate in ducts.

Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned As a DIY Project?

Residential air duct cleaning involves more than just using a vacuum cleaner hose. Even if you were to rent an industrial vacuum, there are other risks involved with attempting to do air duct cleaning yourself. For one thing, there’s always the risk of sustaining an injury when using ladders or step stools. Also, improper cleaning of ducts may unintentionally damage other parts of your HVAC system.

Should air ducts be cleaned by employees? This is a question you may have if you have a business that has a maintenance staff. While it is true that some maintenance workers have knowledge of HVAC systems, they may not have the proper equipment to clean duct systems. There are also many safety procedures that are crucial for big projects like commercial air duct cleaning that professionals have experience with executing.

What Is Professional Air Duct Cleaning?

Reliable air duct cleaning companies are ones that go beyond promising to quickly get the job done and call it a day. When done right, professional heating and air conditioning duct cleaning typically involves trained teams working 8-10 hours. Keep in mind that advanced air duct cleaning can be well worth the investment because of the extra attention to detail involved with the process.

A professional cleaning performed as per NADCA standards involves placing the system under negative pressure with a specially designed, powerful vacuum. As the vacuum draws air through the system, special tools are used to dislodge any debris that may be stuck in various parts of your duct system. A professional duct cleaning performed by a trusted company like EHC Associates involves:

• Containing the areas being cleaned as much as possible
• Using well-maintained, specialized equipment to ensure that all parts of ducts are cleaned
• Following National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommendations and standards
• Cleaning the evaporator coils (a step overlooked by approx. 75% of air duct cleaning companies)

Local Air Duct Cleaning Company Near You

Now that you know the answers behind the question, “Is air duct cleaning necessary,” the easiest way to take care of house duct cleaning or commercial air duct maintenance is to call on the professionals at E.h.c. For more than 30 years, we’ve been providing prompt, reliable service throughout the Lancaster area. Contact us today to take advantage of our advanced air duct cleaning services.

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