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The Importance of Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Restaurant owners and managers set procedures to ensure their business is running at its top potential. When it’s time to close down for the day, employees work hard to clean up to prevent cross-contamination, avoid bacteria growth, and abide by health inspection regulations to give their customer’s great quality food. In order to have a clean work environment for the next day to come, they mop, wipe down walls, run the dishwasher, sanitize and disinfect, and so much more. But are restaurants forgetting one very important step? Read more about the importance of restaurant kitchen hood cleaning

Importance Restaurant Kitchen Hood CleaningKitchen Hood Cleaning Process

The kitchen hood cleaning process is very thorough and extremely crucial for the safety of your restaurant. A qualified kitchen hood cleaning company will come in and remove the accumulated grease build-up, not only on the outside of your kitchen hood but also the exhaust fans and all the way through the inside commercial hoods and connected LINK: ducts. It is critical to purify the entire system, not just the visible portion of the hood to a grease build up.

Degreasing Kitchen Hoods

In the restaurant industry, the need for degreasing kitchen hoods is common as a result of frying fatty foods. This cleaning process is required by NFPA 96 standards and by restaurant health inspectors. If your kitchen hood system doesn’t undergo regular inspection and cleaning, they are likely to become susceptible to grease fires.

Kitchen Fires in the Restaurant Industry

Kitchen fires are a very unfortunate experience for anyone, including those in the restaurant industry. In December of 2015, a popular Lancaster, PA restaurant, Federal Taphouse, experienced a fire and had to close temporarily due to a kitchen fire caused by complications with their kitchen hood and ducts. The restaurant was paying a firm to clean the hoods regularly but found out the hard way that the firm wasn’t cleaning it properly per the NFPA standard.

“We were open within three days and I attribute that to e.h.c.” – Corey Fogarty

Corey Fogarty, owner of Federal Taphouse, explained how a situation like that can really affect those in the restaurant and hospitality industry and unfortunately cause a lot of money loss.

e.h.c. was there to recover this beloved Lancaster restaurant from the effects of the fire. “Within 24 hours, they had the entire hood system cleaned. It was incredible. The way they handled the issue was unmatched and incredibly professional.”

Kitchen Hood Inspection

Restaurant Kitchen Safety with Inspections

Ensuring restaurant kitchen safety is a very easy and manageable process, simply through receiving inspections. The kitchen inspection should include an examination of your entire system, fans, ductwork, the interior and exterior of the exhaust hood, all grease on the line, drip, trays, and filters. The technicians and supervisors providing an inspection should be licensed and insured to inspect and clean your kitchen hood.

Providing Quality Customer Service

No matter what the size of your business is, providing quality customer service should always be a priority. No restaurant and restaurant customer should have to experience an unsanitary kitchen, or even worse, a grease fire. A deep kitchen hood cleaning should be provided by an environmental hazard control company that has experience with industrial, commercial, and residential kitchens to provide your customers with safety and, of course, quality food. Commercial ranges, smokers, ovens, pizza ovens, and many other types of kitchen utilities require various forms of and cleaning, which can easily be provided through a free estimate.

e.h.c.’s Free Estimates

e.h.c. provides free estimates because we strive for safety in restaurants, homes, commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Our kitchen hood cleaning estimates conclude after a brief inspection including your hood and duct layout.

If you think your restaurant is in need of a professional firm like e.h.c. to perform your kitchen hood cleaning, give us a call today at (717) 656-3008. Our services area for hood cleaning includes Lancaster, York, Berks and Chester County.

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