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Demolition Contractors Serving South Jersey

Welcome to e.h.c. Associates! We’re an environmental consulting company that provides a wide array of services to clients throughout the East Coast. We’ve been in business since 1983 and have earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable contractor who takes pride in going above and beyond our client’s expectations.

For South Jersey property owners looking to have an old home or place of business demolished, we provide both Full Building and Selective Demolition services. Whether you’re looking to wipe the slate clean so you can build an entirely new structure or just simply need part of a building torn down so you can start renovations, we have the service for you.

Full Building Demolition in South Jersey

Property owners in South Jersey that are looking for complete demolition of their existing building or structure, should look no further than the Full Building Demolition service from e.h.c. We take Full Building Demolition to the next level by providing property owners with a prompt turn around on all projects and always ensure a comprehensive cleanup of the job site.

Selective Demolition in South Jersey

Many South Jersey property owners looking to renovate, or remodel find themselves in a situation where they need a significant portion of a building or structure cleared in a relatively short period of time. In cases such as these, Selective Demolition from e.h.c. becomes a great option. With Selective Demolition, we’re able to quickly remove the portion of your building while also creating a minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. Your employees, tenants, etc. can go about their usual business without having to deal with loud noises or other distractions from our team.

Expert Demolition Contractors – Call for an Estimate

If you’re a property owner in South Jersey looking for full or partial building demolition look no further than the expert team at e.h.c. Associates. We’ve built a reputation that speaks for itself and take pride in providing the best possible service to all our clients. We invite those interested in our services to contact us today to get the conversation started.

Your customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

~ Damon Richards

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