We've been working in the built environment for decades and know more about asbestos, lead, mold, and other environmental hazards than any of our competitors

Cost Effective

Our experience, high quality work force, hands on management, and the ability to apply the appropriate resources to each of our jobs keeps your costs low.


We know deadlines are not arbitrary. You have one for a reason. We are known for completing our jobs either on or ahead of schedule. Just ask around.

What We Do

asbestos abatement

We perform top quality remediation and abatement services as well as consulting and testing for the built environment. Our specialties are asbestos, lead, mold, duct cleaning, and demolition. We're known in the industry for doing the job right the first time and our competitors tend to wonder how we are able to make any money doing the high quality work we do. It is just a matter of applying our experience, a high quality work-force, hands on management and the correct amount of resources to each job. We are proud of the quality of our work as well as our ability to meet deadlines...



Our Services

Contracting Consulting

Asbestos Abatement
Mold Remediation
Lead Paint Rehab
Duct Cleaning
Selective Demolition
Building Demolition
Bird & Bat Feces Removal
Specialty Cleaning
Hazmat Cleanup

Asbestos, Lead, Mold Testing
AHERA Management Plans
Mold Investigations
Indoor Air Quality Investigations
Lead Paint Inspections
Lead Risk Assessments
Soil & Water Testing
Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Audits

New in Video...

Don't let your ducts get this dirty! This is not insulation, but a buildup of debris.


EHC has worked with Church World Services to bring on some new Employees. It has been a pleasure working with this organization!

What's New

We are true "specialists" when it comes to industrial cleaning and dealing with hazards. Take a look at our "What's New" page as well as our "Duct Cleaning" services page.

Ted Gallagher giving some mold inspection /investigation tips at a PDR continuuing education seminar for facilities managers, insurance agents, lenders, and other professions.



asbestos, lead, mold, iaq references

Visit this section of our website to find a multitude of environmental resources. It could be links to regulations, resources for landlords or realtors, or other information that could be important to you.



Our Team

  • The people here are what makes EHC Associates what it is. They are the heart and soul of this company. The dedication, skill, and hard work they show every day has built a foundation of longevity and quality unlike anything we've ever seen. Please take some time to read a bit about our management team....Find them here.

Quick Blurbs

Please note that all remodeling contractor's are now required to be lead-safe certified. To learn more visit the EPA website here.

This article from PhillyBurbs.com goes in depth about the EPA's current battle with contractors and building owners who illegally remove and dispose of asbestos. Read the article here.