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ehc has remediated mold from several homes that I have sold over the past few years. When ehc is involved, the process is extremely smooth. Everyone is quick to respond to all calls, is attentive to detail, and follows through with all aspects of the job. Everyone at ehc is extremely professional and an absolute pleasure with whom to work!

Susan Patton, Realtor Prudential Home Sale Services Group

Bruce & I want to thank you again for the wonderful job your guys did on our basement and how quickly you got it completed for us. We really appreciate everything. We closed on the house last Friday 6-22…

Sandy & Bruce Overholt

Dan (the foreman) is very qualified in abatement procedures and process; EHC did the work – including window removal – while school was still occupied; worked very well; Hoffman Building is a very old building; needed custom windows; time consuming project, EHC did the work “painlessly”; removed windows from exterior this past summer (2013); lots of tractor trailer traffic around campus plus a staging area to maintain; very careful with landscaping.

Russ Ehrich, PM – Messiah College

On numerous occasions, ehc has proven to be a highly responsive, professional, thorough and cost-effective resource for our company.

Michael Rosefeldt, Silverang Hallowell Development Company

Best in Class! On time, on Budget and Quality results. Without hesitation, I would recommend ehc.

Kevin McBride, Homeowner

For many years ehc has provided quality service and quick response with emergency asbestos related jobs.

Jerry Graeff, Asbestos Supervisor, Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

Good indoor air quality is necessary for sustaining a productive environment at our Corporate Campus. ehc has proven to be an essential partner in assisting our Facilities team as required in maintaining good indoor air quality throughout our office environment.

James S. Baker, Director of Facilities Armstrong World Industries, Inc

EHC performed well for Viteri at Naval Support Base project which included the removal of windows and the abatement of ACM caulking and glazing; we had no problem with any of our subcontractors.

Eric Viteri – Viteri Construction Management

Outstanding procedurally, great reporting, we use them a lot for all different roles; very good contractor. EHC has been here since before I arrived which was in 2007. Hand Middle School was a complete gut and rebuild during occupancy; building has 4 floors due to topography on backside of building; EHC used lift equipment to remove a good portion of the windows.

Dennis LaPorte, Facilities – School District of Lancaster

EHC is a wonderful contractor – I dealt with Ted Gallagher who is absolutely “top notch”;   the quality of the documentation including compliance with “tons of Federal and State Regs” was without flaw; also had some dealings with the President (John Hartman). The buildings involved were Eisenhower, Franklin, Kennedy “and 2 others”.

Dawn Risser, PM – Simeral Construction Company

We use EHC a lot for asbestos abatement – all windows were removed from inside and avoided use of a lift; tough exterior terrain; summer work. EHC has a deep bench and can respond with the right manpower; very talented technically – excellent documentation.

Chris Boccella, PM – CVM Construction Managers

I have been working with ehc on asbestos abatement and abatement oversight/ monitoring for over 12 years. I have come to appreciate their attention to details in the work that they have performed and the reports that they have provided. ehc operates as a company with great integrity and have shown excellent commitment in completing our projects on time and on budget.

Bradley A. Markley, Director of Facility Services Messiah College

One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.

~ Jim Rohn

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