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Industrial Cleaning

Our industrial cleaning division has the capability of cleaning explosive and built up dust from all areas of your facility; we can also clean dust collection systems including bag-houses and collection ductwork. We have the ability to clean and sanitize garbage/trash chutes in high rise buildings, condominiums, and commercial offices. We keep a focus on training and safety to protect building occupants and our employees when performing these types of projects.

Crew Cleaning Cyclone Intake

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Industrial Cleaning Services

Duct Vacuum on Fresh Air Intake - Overview

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Industrial Cleaning Solutions For Businesses

Keeping your surroundings clean is important for the health and safety of all those who traverse your facility. Cleanliness can also contribute to productivity and the impression that gets set when others tour your building. A few additional benefits of using an industrial cleaning crew in your facility include:

  • Professional Quality- Industrial cleaning isn’t something that should be done by your staff with a bottle of cleaner and a sponge. It requires professional training and equipment.
  • Hazard Control- Pathogens are a serious threat and could adversely affect the health of your workforce. The best way to obvert the threat that they pose is to invest in industrial cleaning.
  • Cost Savings- Your company won’t have to spend money on cleaning supplies and you won’t need to section off space in your facility to house such supplies.

Job Site And Factory Cleaning

When it comes to the need for either job site or factory cleaning, we have the tools and equipment to tackle any size problem. We can go on location to where ever you’re working and provide our professional services. Job site or factory cleaning can be a challenge for business owners who are focused on completing the task at hand, and often times gets neglected due to the necessity of more pressing matters. Before running the risk of overlooking this important component to any job, contact our experienced team and learn how our services can benefit you.

Professional Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial waste or a mess created by daily production is a reality for many businesses. Before running the risk of letting such waste accumulate, contact the experienced team at e.h.c. for all your industrial cleaning needs. Thirty-six years of quality work and going the extra mile has helped us earn a reputation as trusted and reliable industrial cleaners.

Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will.

~ Kate Zabriskie

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